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Then there’s the technology – do you want interference-averting digital or analogue?

Some argue the latter avoids the long-term effects of microwave radiation from wireless technology on the developing brains of children, although scientific studies have yet to prove a link (also, remember that most houses hum with invisible waves already, through wi-fi, mobile phones and so on).

Rather than streaming constant noise, the parental receiver vibrates and plays back sound only when prompted by your baby’s device; you can also switch it to mute with a visual light alternative.

The two units are both compact, with the option to run the parent unit on batteries if you need to be mobile (it also comes with a belt clip) and there’s a night light on the baby unit.

Would you tell a flat piece of glass about the biggest mistake you ever made in your life?And bear in mind that the more functions a monitor features, the more you’re going to be looking or listening out for during those precious moments your child is asleep. Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor: £35, Amazon Employing wireless DECT technology, this affordable, fuss-free monitor takes minutes to set up (though you have to factor in an initial 16 hours’ charging time) and takes up minimal space, making it a good option for travelling, particularly since the charged parent unit can be used without its power adapter.It has a clear range of 300 metres, though indoors this reduces to around 50 metres.It’s also possible to invite other devices to access the video streaming.The video quality is impressive in both daylight and darkness, though there’s no option to pan or tilt the lens remotely, which is disappointing considering the high price tag.

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