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They pulled them over at the corner of Van Ness and Rawley Aves, for questioning.

After identifying Seiuli as a prostitute, cops arrested him.

Superstar Eddie Murphy was stopped by cops after picking up a transsexual prostitute on a notorious West Hollywood strip early yesterday.

But his publicist, Paul Block, last night insisted Murphy simply was giving the weeping, weary-looking prostitute a ride home.

The cops, who had staked out in the “prostitution abatement zone,” noticed as Murphy slowed down and Seiuli — whom they recognized as a “known transsexual prostitute” — slid into the passenger seat, the spokesman said.

Yes, I might be attracted to her feminine features but they are fake and no matter what the doctors do, there's still going to be a hint of "man-ness" in her. Is it really snobby and awful of someone to disregard the effort the trans made for nature's mistake and reject them for sex/relationships just because the trans was originally a man or woman? What about a male who was born in the body of an attractive woman, couldn't afford/be bothered to change his body to a man and was "gay".

“‘You’re Eddie Murphy,’ the person said to him, and Eddie replied, ‘You shouldn’t be out so late,’” the publicist said.

Seiuli asked for a ride home, and Murphy told him to get in. But two undercover officers got a different impression.

Murphy — who celebrates his 37th birthday today — was released.

Yesterday’s incident was the latest in a string of troubles for the comedian.

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