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From 1995 to 2000, Folds was the frontman and pianist of the alternative rock band Ben Folds Five.After the group temporarily disbanded, Folds performed as a solo artist and has toured all over the world. He has also collaborated with musicians such as William Shatner, Regina Spektor and "Weird Al" Yankovic and undertaken experimental songwriting projects with authors such as Nick Hornby and Neil Gaiman.

A Shiv Sena leader, currently involved in drafting these resolutions, told DNA, "The BJP-led government failed to deliver at both the Centre and state levels and the present situation is heading for anarchy.

It contains, among other tracks, the four songs from Party Night (remixed and/or re-recorded) and "Emaline" and "Video", which Folds would later record with Ben Folds Five.

The song "Get That Bug" from Party Night was released as a dance mix in Japan.

"I spent maybe six months just running scales with a metronome like a freak," Folds said.

"I suppose that did something." He also played weekly gigs at Sin-é, famous for being the café which had helped start Jeff Buckley's career. The trio, of Folds, bassist Robert Sledge and drummer Darren Jessee, formed Ben Folds Five in 1994 In 1995, Ben Folds Five released their self-titled debut album.

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