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began her career in 2000 as a visual artist, filmmaker and designer in west London before beginning her recording career in 2002.

The album's first single "Boyz" reached the Top 10 in Canada and on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales in 2007, becoming her first Top 10 charting single. Her fourth studio album, Matangi, was released in 2013, followed by AIM in 2016. Her later work marked an evolution in her sound with rare instruments, electronics and unusual sound samples. She posted many of her songs and videos from 2002 onwards on platforms such as My Space. Time named her one of the world's 100 most influential people in 2009. When Maya was six months old, her family moved to Jaffna, the cultural, political, and economic capital of the predominantly Tamil northern Sri Lanka, where her brother Sugu was born. A.'s American distribution label Interscope, compares M. Sasha Frere-Jones, critic of The New Yorker praised the self-made "unpretentious, stuck together with Scotch tape" style that M. Her considerable influence on American hip hop music as an international artist is described by Adam Bradley and Andrew Du Bois in The Anthology of Rap as making her an "unlikely hip hop" celebrity, given that the genre was one of several influences behind M. A.'s "eccentric and energizing" music and that the musician's unclassifiable sound was one example of how hip hop was changing as it came into contact with other cultures. Wallenfeldt writes in The Black experience in America : from civil rights to the present that no single artist may have personified hip hop in the 21st century better than M. A., in her "politically radical lyrics drawing from widely diverse sources around the world". Missing In Action (or Acton, as she sometimes calls herself) has always been several miles ahead of the pack." The twisting of western modalities in her music style using multilingual, multiethnic soundscapes to make electroclash-pop albums is noted by Derek Beres in Global beat fusion: the history of the future of music (2005) to defy world music categorisation. is perhaps the preeminent global musical artist of the 2000s, a truly kick-ass singer and New York-Londony fashion icon, not to mention a vocal supporter of Sri Lanka's embattled Tamil minority, of which she's a member." M. A.'s stage performances are described as "highly energetic" and multimedia showcases, often with scenes of what Rolling Stone critic Rob Sheffield describes as "jovial chaos, with dancers and toasters and random characters roaming the stage," bringing various crowds with interests in art, music and fashion. "works hard to manifest the chaos of her music in an actual environment, and, more than that, to actively create discomfort, energy, and anger through sensory overload." USA Today included her on its list of the 100 Most Interesting People of 2007 and she was named one of Time Out 's 40th Birthday London Heroes in 2008. Her albums' social commentary and storytelling have incited debate on the "invigoratingly complex" politics of the issues she highlighted in the album, breaking taboos while the West was engaged in the 2003 Iraq War in the Middle East during the Presidency of George W. Government visits to her official website following her debut album's release in 2005, and a US refusal to grant M. The album's artwork was inspired by African art, "from dictator fashion to old stickers on the back of cars," which like her clothing range, she hoped would capture "a 3-D sense, the shapes, the prints, the sound, film, technology, politics, economics" of a certain time. forces a conversation about how the majority live, closing the distance "between 'here' and everywhere else". subverted the "abstract, organized, refined" distilling of violence in Western popular music and imagination and made her work represent much of the developing world's decades-long experiences of "arbitrary, unannounced, and spectacular" slaughter, deeming her work an "assault" with realism. was "a veritable vortex of discourse, around most likely irresolvable questions concerning authenticity, post-colonialism, and dilettantism". A.'s record imagery, lyrical booklets, homepages and videos supported the "image of provocation yet also avoidance of, or inability to use consistent images and messages." Instead of catering to stereotypes, he felt that M. People reckon that I need a political degree in order to go, 'My school got bombed and I remember it cos I was 10-years-old'. The EMP Museum's 2008 Pop Conference featured paper submissions and discussions on M. Or that only politicians are allowed to talk about politics, and that's why we're fucked, because the cycle is constantly kept within that fucking framework.

Hers was only one of two Asian families on the estate, She worked from her home in Tooting, which is at the south of London. After leaving school, she completed a degree in fine art, film, and video in June 2000 from London's Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. The documentary is about the life of Aaron Swartz, who was a computer programmer, writer, political organiser and Internet hacktivist.

Arulpragasam has had a difficult relationship with her father, due to his political activities in the 1980s and complete absence during much of her life. While attending Central St Martins College, Arulpragasam wanted to make films and art depicting realism that would be accessible to everyone, something that she felt was missing from her classmates' ethics and the course criteria. In the same tweet Maya included a link and invitation to RSVP to a party to launch Julian Assange's new book "When Google Met Wiki Leaks".

Her single "Paper Planes" peaked in the Top 20 worldwide and reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100. Critics have acclaimed a distinctive style to her music, which lyrically incorporate a range of political, social, philosophical and cultural references. In 2001, she received an "Alternative" Turner Prize nomination for her visual art. There, her father adopted the name Arular and became a political activist and founding member of the Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students (EROS), a political Tamil group affiliated with the LTTE. On 3 March 2013, she released an 8-minute mix recording as part of a Kenzo fashion show in Paris. experimented further with her established sound and drew from a range of genres, creating layered textures of instruments, electronics and sounds outside the traditional studio environment. In the book Downloading Music (2007), Linda Aksomitis notes the various aspects of peer-to-peer file sharing of music in the rise in popularity of M. A., including the advantages and disadvantages of the internet and platforms such as My Space in the launch of her career. alongside musicians such as Sway and Dizzee Rascal created music that explored new soundscapes with new technologies, with lyrics expressing anger at Britain's "racialized subordination of minority groups" and that the innovation that generates new musical forms like grime and dubstep are, inevitably, politically engaged. is heralded as a signal in the way that white Britons adapted to a new multicultural and plural musical mix in contrast to bands of the Britpop genre. Camille Dodero, writing in The Village Voice opined that M. I-D magazine described the "bleeding cacophany of graphics" on her website during this time as evoking the "noisy amateurism" of the early web, but also embodying a rejection of today's "glossy, professional site design" which was felt to "efface the medium rather than celebrate it." Jeff Chang, writing for The Nation, described a "Kala for the Nation" and the album's music, lyrics and imagery as encompassing "everywhere – or, to be specific, everywhere but the First World's self-regarding 'here'," stating that against a media flow that suppresses the "ugliness" of reality and fixes beauty to consumption, M. He felt that Kala explored poverty, violence and globalisation through the eyes of "children left behind." Her third album, Maya, tackled information politics in the digital age, loaded with technological references and love songs, and deemed by Kitty Empire writing in The Observer to be her most melancholic and mainstream effort. Critic Simon Reynolds, writing in The Village Voice in 2005 saw this as a lack of authenticity and felt M. He continued that while swayed by her chutzpah and ability to deliver live, he "was also turned off by the stencil-sprayed projection imagery of grenades, tanks, and so forth (redolent of the Clash with their strife-torn Belfast stage backdrops and Sandinista cred by association)" while the "99 percent white audience punched the air", admonishing what he perceived as a "lack of local character" to her debut album. A.'s 2001 Alternative Turner Prize nominated images of pastel-washed tigers, soldiers, guns, armoured vehicles, and fleeing civilians that bedeck M. A.'s albums and videos were now assumed or analysed as being incendiary propaganda, suggesting that unlike art buyers, rock and roll fans were "assumed to be stupid". I think if there is an issue of people who, having had first hand experiences, are not being able to recount that – because there is laws or government restrictions or censorship or the removal of an individual story in a political situation – then that's what I'll keep saying and sticking up for, cos I think that's the most dangerous thing. There aren't more people standing up and telling their personal experience...

"Paper Planes" was certified gold in New Zealand and three times platinum in Canada and the US where, as of November 2011, it was ranked the seventh best-selling song by a British artist in the digital era. A.'s third album Maya was released in 2010 soon after the controversial song-film short "Born Free". has embarked on five global headlining tours and is the founder of her own multimedia label, N. The first eleven years of Arulpragasam's life were marked by displacement caused by the Sri Lankan Civil War. art that spans across three LPs: Arular, Kala, and Maya." The book contains artwork as well as a foreword by frequent collaborator Steve Loveridge and various essays by M. Matangi received generally positive reviews from music critics. A.'s early compositions relied heavily on the Roland MC-505, while later M. Andy Bennett and Jon Stratton highlight in Britpop and the English Music Tradition (2010) how M. The chart success of grime-influenced artists like M. Furthermore, her work being used as a global resource for the articulation of differently located themes and its connections to many music traditions is noted by Brian Longhurst in Popular music and society (2007) to illustrate such processes of interracial dialogue. Her genocide-depicting 2010 video for the single "Born Free" was deemed by Ann Powers writing in the Los Angeles Times to be "concentrating fully" on the physical horror of gun butts and bullets hitting flesh, with the scenes giving added poignancy to the lyrical themes of the song. Critic Robert Christgau described Reynolds' argument as "cheap tack" in another article written in the publication, stating M. A's experiences connected her to world poverty in a way "few Western whites can grasp". I think removing individual voices and not letting people just go 'This happened to me' is really dangerous. nobody handed them the microphone to say 'This is happening and I don't like it'." Due to her and her family being displaced from Sri Lanka because of the Civil War, M. if a normal civilian comes up and says 'Hey, this happened in my village and I'm not happy about it', we're not allowed to talk about it.

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Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam (born 18 July 1975), better known by her stage name M. It also charted in several countries across Europe, in Japan and Australia. A.'s early compositions relied heavily on the Roland MC-505 music sequencer and drum machine. was one of the first acts to come to public attention through the internet. was artist of the year by Spin and URB, and she was named one of the defining artists of the 2000s decade by Rolling Stone in its "Best of the Decade" list in December 2009. in Hounslow, West London, to Arul Pragasam, an engineer, writer and activist, and his wife, Kala, a seamstress. to Reed and punk rock songwriter Patti Smith, and recalled, "She's gonna do what she's gonna do, I can't tell her shit." "The really left-of-center artists, you really wonder about them. But at the same time, I don’t want [that perfection]," saying some of the "raw and difficult" vocal styles she used reflected what was happening to her during recording. achieves with her Roland MC-505 drum machine and keyboard unit, noting that many people had tried to copy the style since. A quirky female singer/rapper before the Mini Allens had worked out how to log on to My Space. The album references the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Tamil independence movements and features culture jamming, multi-lingual slang, strident and subtle imagery. a travel visa coupled with her brief presence on the US Homeland Security Risk List in 2006 due to her politically charged lyrics led to her second album Kala being recorded in a variety of locations around the world. Many related her experiences during recording sessions in Madras, Angola, Trinidad shantytowns, Liberia and London, and were well acclaimed. "played with them" creating an uncategorisable and hence unsettling result."Sometimes I repeat my story again and again because it's interesting to see how many times it gets edited, and how much the right to tell your story doesn't exist. presented on the theme of "Shake, Rattle: Music, Conflict, and Change." She has used networking sites such as Twitter and My Space to discuss and highlight the human rights abuses and war crimes that Sri Lanka is accused of perpetrating against Tamils, citing news articles, human rights group reports, government reports, her own experiences as a child and on her return to the island in 2001 to support calls for a ceasefire. Nadesan told Indian magazine, The Week, that he felt that M. A.'s humanitarianism had been a source of strength to Eelam Tamils and fearless, knowingly amidst the "all-powerful Sri Lankan propaganda machinery that demonises any one who speaks for the Tamils." Miranda Sawyer of The Observer highlighted that M. And they use me as a puppet to explain that to you, that only people who, you know, have a Ph D in this shit are allowed to talk about this.

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නම්බර් එක මම පොන් එකේ එන්ටර් කරගත්තා එයා දෙහිවලින් බෑස්සා ''' මමත් බෑස්සා අදුනන්නේ නෑති අය වගේ දෙපෑත්තට ගියා;;;;ආයිත් නෑවත්ලා මම එයාගේ ගෑස්සෙන පුක නොපෙනනකම් බලා හිට්යා''''''ගෙදර ගිහිල්ලා මම කල්පනා කලේ බදාදා වෙනකම් ඉන්නේ කොහොමද කියලා ;;;කාලය ඉබි ගමනින් ගියා....මමත් හුත්තට ඈගිල්ලෙන් හොදට හිකුවා..මෙකි මගේ ඈගට තද වෙලා පයිය මිරිකගෙන ගෑස්සෙන්නන්ගත්තා '''මටතේරුනා මෙකිට යන්වා කියලා,කෙදිරි ගාගෙනම මෙකි අතේ ගහන එක නවත්තලා ටිකක් වෙලා හිට්යා මම නෑවත්තුවෙ නෑ මගේ ඈගිල්ල වෑඩ එකසිය ගානට මෙයාට සෑහෙන වෙලාවක් බඩු ගියා;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;පස්සේ එයාම මගේ අත උඩට ඈදලා ගත්තා,,, මගේ මුන දිහා බලලා හිමිට තෑන්ක්ස්'''' කිව්වා'''ඒ ඈස් වල අහින්සක බවක් ගෑබ් වෙලා තිබුනා;;; මම එයාට පෙන්නම මගේ ඈගිල්ල උරලා ;;;රසයි..........කියලා කිව්වා;; එයා හිනාවෙලා මගේ එකා ආයිත් මිරිකන්න පටන් ගත්තා ...මේ පාර එයා ටිකක් පස්සට වෙලා පයිය පෑත්තට හරවලා හොදට කරන්න ගත්තා '''මගේ එකත් ජුස් නාලා තිබුනේ'' වෑඩ් වෙලාවක් කරන්න බෑරි උනා''''මගේ එකෙන් විද්දා ව්දිල්ලක් ඔක්කොම බඩු ටික එහා පෑත්තේ හිටිය කෙල්ලෙක්ගේ ගව්මේ....මම දවසක් වෑඩට යනකොට උදේ කම්මෑලි වගේ හිතුනා'ඉතින් m c එක ලගින් බෑස්සා වලක් වත් බහිනවා කියලා.තනියෙමනෙ ලොක්කා වගේ බෑස්සට මාර කම්මෑල්යි, ඉස්සර m c එකේ ඈතුල්වෙච්ච ගමන් කෑල්ලක් තියෙනවා සිගරට් බොන්න ඉතින් එතනට වෙලා වෑටට හේත්තුවක් දාගෙන සිගරට් එකක් උර උර හිටියා යන කෑලි ඈස් වලින් කකා'ඔහොම ඉන්න කොට ඈන්ට් පාරක් ආවා ඈතුලට , කලු ස්කර්ට් එකකුයි රොස පාට බ්ලව්ස් එකකුයි ඈදලා ටයිට් කොහොමද කියනවනම් පුක පෑලෙන්න වගේ ඉට දෙවෙනි නෑ තන් දෙක අම්මො මල්ලිනෑග්ගා බන් පටස් ගාලා'එයාට යන්න දිලා මම හෙමීට පස්සෙන් ගියා නෙමෙයි' යෑවුනා.ඈවිදිනකොට පුක නෑටවෙනවා තාලෙට 'මෙයා තනියෙම ඈවිල්ලා තිබුනේ මට මාර ආසවක් අවා අර තට්ටම් වල අත පොඩ්ඩක් වද්දලා ඒවයේ මෙලෙක බලන්න මෙයා කඩවල් දෙක තුනකටම ගියා මමත් එයාට නොතේරෙන්න පස්සෙන්ම ගියාට මගේ ආසව ඉස්ට කරගන්න බෑරිඋනා.එක තෑනකදි එයා නතර වෙලා කොරිඩෝවක කොල් එකක් ආන්සර් කරනවා නියම චාන්ස් එක නිසා ලගින් යන ගමන් මගේ අත වෑද්දුවා අර පුකේ බෑරිවෙලා වගේ ලාවට පි...ස්..සු හෑදෙනවා,,,,, මෙලෙකයි දොදොල් වගේ '''''''''''ස්ස්ස්ස් මගේ අත ට මාර සනිපයක් දෑනුනා' එයාට එක තෙරුනේ නෑ මම ඉස්සරහට ඈවිදගෙන ගිහින් නතර වෙලා පර්ස් එක අරගෙන බොරුවට බල බල හිටියා' ටිකක් වෙලා ගියා එත් එයා අවේ නෑති නිසා මම් හෑරිලා බෑලුවා කෑල්ල පෙන්න නෑ.

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