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Toujours une rencontre à la source de l’innovation, ne ratez pas le Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville pour vous aussi agir et transformer durablement et positivement la cité, notre société.

La Maire de Paris a donné les clés de l’Hôtel de Ville aux équipes de Paris&Co pour vous accueillir en nombre le vendredi 16 mars prochain.

She is forced by her mother to attend Rory's 16th birthday party thrown by her grandparents, and makes it clear doesn't enjoy it.

Later, she bumps into Rory at a college fair, and away from the pressures of school and Tristan, she opens up a little to the girl, discussing Harvard and how she hopes to go there one day, as does Rory.

This character was created in consolation for Weil after a strong audition for the role of Rory (Weil had been known to Polone through her work in Stir of Echoes, which he and his company produced), which eventually went to Alexis Bledel.

Weil, however, had to change her hair color to play Paris from her natural brown hair coloring to blonde.

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After Rory earns a D in a literature class as she tries to catch up with her classmates, Paris jokes bitterly the grade would be perfect to apply for work at Mc Donald's.On her first day at Chilton Preparatory High School, the soft-spoken Rory Gilmore meets the high-strung Paris Geller, who immediately views Rory as an academic rival.Prior to this encounter, Paris reads Rory's Stars Hollow transcript, courtesy of a student worker in the administration office she paid to sneak her the information out the window.However she backs off after he makes a flirty comment about her already having a date.She takes out that bitterness on Rory for not wanting him and yells at the girl as she buys her tickets, not realizing that Rory already has a boyfriend in the local new boy, Dean.

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