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INTJ relationships are slow to start, usually because this personality is romantically awkward.

Personal relationships tend to deviate from the logical world in which “scientists” thrive, thus leaving such an individual unequipped to maneuver the emotional and physical aspects of a relationship.

They can be counted on to think “outside the box” and come up with an unconventional yet practical resolution.

This person would be greatly put-off by disorder and messiness because they not only find it distracting but also inefficient.This type of person has a knack for seeing the true value of an idea or process and will eagerly pursue it, even if no one else supports the endeavor.In a social setting, this individual may come across as standoffish because they spend so much time playing around in the world inside their mind.For this reason, they have a difficult time placing themselves into another person’s shoes.Supporting or nurturing emotional reactions is of little use for a “scientist” because they struggle to see the practicality.

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