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Her family was eventually relocated to Nürnberg Germany. I don't know why or what year.can I see if I have relatives still there?I would love to be added to your email list and receive any mailings or information you may have about Konigsberg. Admin: Without a place of origin or a even a rough date or year when he might have arrived from Prussia it will be nearly impossible to get started on trying to research that.

Rape, in particular, was high on the invading army's menu. Mom was East Prussian and worked in the Luftwaffe communications bunker in the city.

We found out, that Aron Liebeck, the author of very interesting memories, took part with his family in the opening.

We are looking very much forward to contact the descendants of Aron Liebeck.

From looking at old maps online I was able to locate both towns near Königsberg (now Kaliningrad).

Please let me know if you have any advice of places to look next for any information!

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