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Sadly, even though I had been up since 7 am preparing for my day, I did not allot the whole bread making/baking process enough time to have the bread ready for the luncheon.I’ve divided the book into six chapters, grouping the info in a way that makes sense to me (check the contents page below). Men are reading it and parents are giving it to their teens (gals and guys), if that is any indication. I say ‘worldwide’, but really right now I just mean US/CA/UK. Hard copies will be available in Canada and UK, so if you preorder it, it will come. Amazon Canada Amazon UK Amazon Kindle Bonjour mes petites prunes!! Books, book events, authors and that little thing called jealousy… Postsecret pic of the week :: Sex scenes in books and life scenes… If you’re in Canada (maybe this also applies to the States), you can now order my hard copy book via I’m a writer, columnist and journalist with a passion for relationships and self-empowerment. Since I started blogging in 2006 the site has been something of a release valve for a lot of my life’s…er…’learning moments’, shall we call them, and writing my first book was no different. If Black had her way, there would be discussions about sex and relationships at family dinners, over coffee, around the kitchen table, in schools, and in university halls …Her book will and must contribute comprehensively to such vital conversations.’ – Sue Grant-Marshall, ‘She is the friend that you share all your juicy details with (the one your mother’s not particularly fond of) and the one that reads you the riot act when you’re still fussing over that guy who’s stringing you along’ – Louise Ferreira, . ‘So many gems in this book, [it] gives a different meaning to “Let’s talk about sex…”’ – Shado Twala, SAFM ‘This is the book we need.

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